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Thanks, Larry

Oriental Commissioner Larry Summers has been conscientious in keeping taxpayers abreast of the extraordinary spending by the town on the South Avenue lawsuit brought by one-time town Commissioner David Cox — a layman who has been representing himself in court

According to Mr. Summers, in an article on the front page of the Jan. 14 Pamlico News, town spending has now reached an astonishing $75,735 on this single case — probably enough money to completely replace the worn, disjointed playground equipment in Lupton Park.

This is evidence in tiny Oriental, N.C., of the bottomless generosity of taxpayers' pockets.

And as our elected officials have pointed out in the past, Oriental was not content to rely on Town Attorney Scott Davis, a lawyer already on the town payroll. Local officials hired a special, high-profile legal hot-shot to handle the town's defense in a case brought by a single citizen covering his own expenses.

Hey, Tony, just shut up!

As I predicted, Sarah Winfrey, the master of the Pamlico County Drug Awareness page on Facebook, has banned me from the page because I have views that don't fit their punitive agenda.

Pamlico County goes to war

I’m holding off on Pamlico County Sheriff Chris Davis’ suggestion that we thank our county commissioners for authorizing throwing another two hundred thousand dollars or so into the bottomless pit that our media is fond of calling a “Drug War.”

You should do the same.

Based on available press reports from the Jan. 5 meeting, our elected County Commission approved this waste of taxpayer money without any discussion whatsoever of what success in Mr. Davis' initiative might look like and how the campaign’s progress might be measured.

We need not wait for our neutered, lazy local press to ask those questions either. It won't.

Leadership is what citizens needed from our press and our political class. Straightforward, common sense questions should have been asked of our woefully blind-to-reality new sheriff. What we got from our press was stenography; from our commissioners, rubber-stamp stupidity.



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